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Welcome to PlayWright's Roundtable Black History Month Shorts Auditions!

Please follow the directions carefully and to the letter, or it may affect you being reviewed by our directors.

We need you to submit on tape at least 2 characters out of these 5 plays, but you may audition for as many characters that you feel are right for you to read for.

We will be reviewing tapes on a rolling basis – it is in your best interest to submit your tapes as soon as possible… although the deadline may be set for a certain date, waiting later may result in you not being reviewed because we found someone sooner… so the sooner you submit the better!

Please make sure to record the audition in a location that is well lit and someplace where we can hear you clearly.

Please shoot at a mid-range shot (waist up)

At the beginning of your takes:

Please slate with Name and Role, In your slate please include a full body shot. Pan the camera from the head to the feet and back to the head or take a full body picture

Please make sure you use someone to read with you for the audition. The person you are reading with should not be on camera. Also, do not look directly into the camera, place your attention on the person you are reading with. They can be in the room with you or on a zoom meeting.

Please upload takes separately, and only 1 take per character you choose.

Please label each video take

Send via Wetransfer or a similar service to

Please note all sides have the taping instructions attached!

Rehearsals will start officially in January of 2022. Black History Month shorts will have a tech rehearsal from February 16th to the 17th  and showtime is from February 18th to the 20th. Rehearsal for the shows and their schedule is solely up to the cast and directors.

Black History Month Shorts will be performed at the Marshall Ellis Theatre – February 18th to the 20th!


JASON- Black man in his mid to late twenties
MONICA- Black woman in her mid to late twenties

Two Black actors at a decidedly ‘plantation’ themed event

Jason and Monica – Click for sides here


Gilbert Davis: 56, widower cleaners owner, stuck in a rut, African American
Roberta Todd: 55, widow, teacher who remembers love, African American
Jason Everly: 30’s, a customer with work pants, Caucasian
Jean Harris: 30’s customer with a leather jacket,

Old lovers meet again unexpectedly…

Sides for Gilbert and Roberta-click here
Sides for Jason – click here
Sides for Jean – click here


Woman 1: A mixed Black woman (required, think Kamala Harris), any age. Woman 1 is a racially ambiguous, mixed-race black woman who looks white. She tells her story from that perspective.

Woman 2: Light Skinned Black woman (required, think Rihanna), any age. Woman 2 is a light-skinned black woman; she is not close to white-passing. She tells her story from that perspective.

Woman 3: Dark Skinned Black woman (required, think Viola Davis), any age. Woman 3 is a dark-skinned black woman. She tells her story from that perspective.

*The actors should replace ‘Woman 1, 2, or 3’ with their own name. I wrote this with the intention that the actresses are not playing characters but are reading the monologues as themselves. *

Stories from Black women told through their perspective

Sides for Woman 1- Click Here
Sides for Woman 2- Click Here
Sides for Woman 3- Click Here


At a dining table in Disneyland, a formerly incarcerated woman tries to connect with her estranged teenage son over pizza, Street Fighter II, and Princess Tiana.

ERICA-Late 30s, Black, a mother
JULIAN-14 years old, Black, a son

Erica and Julian Sides-Click Here


Travis is in a bit of a pickle. After years of avoiding the pressure of his parents wanting him to settle down with a nice girl, they gave him an ultimatum…Find a girl or we’ll find one for you? What will Travis do now that his parents are in town for a surprise visit? Maybe his best friend Francesca will help him out.

TRAVIS: Early 30s; quirky; content with his lifestyle; enjoys his freedom; act first, think later type.
FRANCESCA: Early 30s; levelheaded and loyal; more logical than emotional.

Travis and Francesca sides-Click Here

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