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a play by Joseph Reed Hayes


We are looking for 7 actors (descriptions below) for a presentation at the Orlando Science Center from June 16 to June 20. All positions are paid. We are also looking for a stage manager for this production.

Show to be performed at The Orlando Science Center -777 E Princeton St, Orlando, FL 32803

The deadline for submissions is April 10th. PLEASE fill in all information and note that all auditions will be reviewed on a rolling basis so the sooner you submit the better.

If you find you have trouble submitting through the website, please submit through Wetransfer to

Those seeking the position of Stage manager – CLICK HERE

You can download sides by clicking the name of the character you would like to audition for below. Click on the name of the character, the side will show up in your browser and you can download them to your computer. We are ONLY accepting videos of you performing the sides of the characters listed below


MARGARET PERRY — a Black woman in her late 20s. Originally from Florida, she headed north as soon as she could, get an education and a new life in New York. Her mother has worked in the ranch kitchen all her life, and upon the news that she was gravely ill, Margaret returns to take care of her and finds herself working in the same kitchen from which she thought she’d escaped.

BERNICE “BENNIE” BELL — a young Black woman, working in the kitchen. She has no plans for her future, except to enjoy life, take no crap, and somehow escape her abusive father.

PIERO ALLOCA — an Italian prisoner of war, being held at the POW camp that today is an airport in Kissimmee FL. A “model prisoner”, he is trusted enough to be assigned to cleaning duties inside the house. He wears blue denim pants and a shirt, the letters PW on his back. We believe at first that he does not speak English. We are wrong.

NATHANIEL JAMISON — a white ranch owner. A better ranch owner than most, he treats his ranch hands with respect, often out in the fields himself. He loves his cattle, not-so secretly hates the groves. He is short and compact, and whistles tunelessly at odd moments.

MRS. ALICIA JAMISON — nee MacCorrie. Her family has owned the ranch for generations. She is an impressive, flighty woman, never quite lighting in one place for long, but very self-assured. Think Margaret Dumont, but Southern.

TY JAMISON — Their son. 25, wild, uncontrollable, spoiled. A victim of the 1927 polio epidemic, he is weak on one side and limps badly. Being seduced into a white supremacist group by his friends. He resents not being in control of the ranch and takes it out on everybody.

BOUDREAUX “BO” DOUCET — ranch foreman. A Black man in a position of power, originally from New Orleans, trusted by the Jamisons. He wears a glove on his left hand, covering an injury that has kept him out of the Army. (Doubles for the voice of Bennie’s daddy)

If you find you have trouble submitting through the website, please submit through Wetransfer to


IMPORTANT: Please read the audition notice in its entirety. All tapes are due by the deadline NO EXCEPTIONS and none will be accepted via email.

– Please do not wait until the last minute to submit. Although the deadline may be set for a certain date, we will watch tapes on a rolling basis.

– These will be Video submissions – please upload to Vimeo or YouTube and give us the link of the video in the submission section below

-Please make sure you use someone to read with you for the audition. The person you are reading with should not be on camera. Also, do not look directly into the camera, place your attention to the person you are reading with.

-Please slate with Name and Role.

-Please make sure to record the audition in a location that is well lit and someplace where we can hear you clearly.

-Please shoot at a mid-range shot (waist up)

– Upload your audition as one file with the slate first.

– Name your files Name-Role-Location

We are not asking for memorization BUT we are asking your best interpretation of the character you are reading for. SO… be familiar with the material and do not keep your head in the pages of the script – let us see you and what you bring!

Audition submissions are due 6pm April 10th

Actor Audition Submission Form
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